33408 Periodontist

33408 Periodontist

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The good news is that preventing gum disease is neither rocket science not particularly difficult. It’s a simple matter of following a routine that is designed to keep your gums strong and vibrant. Here at the periodontal practice of Valerie A. Marino, DDS, PA, you are assured of expert care and advice that will keep you pointed in the right direction.

To prevent gum disease, you need to know what causes it in the first place. The answer is dental plaque, the film-like bacterial substance that grows on your teeth and also on your gums. The most obvious evidence of it occurs every morning when you wake up. Undoubtedly, you feel as if there is a coating on your teeth. Well, there is. It’s why you reach for your toothbrush before anything else. Our 33408 periodontist recommends brushing after meals and then again at bedtime, so that you will be continuously removing the plaque that develops in your mouth. It is also essential for you to floss thoroughly between all of your teeth daily, preferably before you go to sleep. You will effectively loosen food particles that may cause plaque, along with the stubborn plaque itself. Using a high quality dental rinse may be a good idea, too. Note that a mouthwash simply won’t do the trick. Our 33408 periodontist can recommend good examples. And since it is sugars and starches in your diet that fuel plaque in the first place, limiting them is smart. Get a teeth cleaning every six months when you get a complete oral examination. It is the only way to rid yourself of hardened tartar buildup, which forms from plaque that stayed hidden from your oral hygiene efforts.

Let our 33408 periodontist help you to maintain your gums and by extension, your teeth. Please contact our office now and we will arrange a time for you to come in for an examination.

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