North Palm Beach bone grafting

North Palm Beach Bone Grafting

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Without bone grafting, a significant portion of people would be shut out from enjoying the benefits of dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth. Have this vital procedure done at the office of Valerie A. Marino, DDS, PA, where you can experience the difference that it makes being treated by an experienced specialist.

Our North Palm Beach bone grafting becomes necessary when you have pre-surgical testing done for getting an implant. While bone grafting does have some other uses, it is here that is put into action most prominently. A traditional bridge or dentures don’t depend on the thickness of your jaw structure. That’s because they simply rest on your gums. Implants are anchored below the gum line, with what amounts to a prosthetic root. If your jaw isn’t up to the required standard, that’s when you can get our North Palm Beach bone grafting performed. It’s all very simple. Tissue that is similar to the bone in your jaw is harvested from another part of your body, or is obtained from a donor tissue bank. This bone is then added to your existing jaw bone, where its presence activates the growth of new bone tissue around it. The result is that your jaw will be stronger and thicker than it used to be; more than up to the demands of an implant. It takes a few months from the time of the procedure until you will be prepared to have your implant started, but because an implant can last for a lifetime when well-maintained, it’s effort that brings immense value with it.

If you are ready to get started with the process of a dental implant, come in for a consultation and testing. Our North Palm Beach bone grafting may make the difference between having one, and having to settle for a less satisfying option. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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