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North Palm Beach Periodontist

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Periodontist in North Palm Beach

While many people think quite a bit about their teeth, and how to keep them healthy and strong, it is all too easy to neglect or forget the gums. The irony, of course, is that without a foundation of vibrant gums, your teeth would loosen and fall out. In fact, most adult loss is due to periodontal problems. Don’t trust your gum health to chance, or even to a general dentist. Instead, take advantage of the expert, specialized care provided here at the practice of Valerie A. Marino, DDS, PA. You can be assured that you are in the best possible hands with our experienced, board certified North Palm Beach periodontist.

In addition to treatments whose goal is to address gum disease or to administer cosmetic periodontal care, one of the most common procedures that is performed by our North Palm Beach periodontist is to place dental implants, including those meant to replace multiple teeth. While implants have a cosmetic component to them, they are also closely related to overall dental wellness, and to the health of your gums. Without a root, the gum and bone tissue where it used to be can atrophy, weakening your gums in general. Implants have their own artificial root. Among our other services are sinus augmentation and bone grafting (both of which have implications for the success of dental implants), soft tissue grafts, laser gum surgery (LANAP), pocket reduction, guided bone regeneration, treatment for gum recession, and scaling and root planing, a deeper type of teeth cleaning used to deal with advanced gum disease.

We know that given the opportunity, all of our valued patients would prefer to have healthy, great-looking gums, and the benefits that go along with them. Contact our office right now and set up an appointment with our North Palm Beach periodontist, for an examination, for treatment, or for a consultation.

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