Periodontist North Palm Beach

Periodontist North Palm Beach

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Maintaining good dental health requires a commitment to a program of both at-home tooth hygiene, and regular checkups and cleanings from a dental professional. While many patients think of dental care as related to teeth, the fact is that proper care for the gums is just as important. Our periodontist North Palm Beach, Valerie A. Marino, DDS, strives to educate our patients on preventative gum care and to diagnosing and treating gum (periodontal) diseases.

There are many different diseases of the gum, all of which can lead to pain and tooth loss if left untreated. Gingivitis is the most common type of periodontal disease and is caused by the buildup of plague along the gum line. Bacteria can get under the gum line and cause infections and decay. Chronic periodontal disease usually occurs in people over 45 and is characterized by constant inflammation along the gum line, aggressive periodontal disease is similar but progresses much more rapidly. Our periodontist North Palm Beach gives patients with periodontal disease a number of treatment options, depending on the type and severity of the gum disease.

The simplest approach is a non-surgical treatment where our periodontist North Palm Beach scale the gums and do root planning, in which the roots are carefully cleaned and smoothed to remove the bacteria. For more involved cases our practice may recommend periodontal surgery, the most common type is deep pocket reduction. Other periodontal procedures include crown lengthening used to make the teeth appear longer, soft tissue grafts which can help cover exposed roots and prevent further gum recession. Routine maintenance is required to keep the gums healthy and prevent periodontal disease; our practice recommends regular checkups and cleaning as well to stave off gum disease. Let us help you keep your gums healthy through an evaluative consultation, call our office to set up an appointment.

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